Disneyland Mini Flip Book

Come take a look at our Disneyland Mini Flip Book

I’ve been going through all of the scrapbook supplies I have so I can use them. I would love to buy more but right now, I have to use what I have before buying anymore. When I was going through everything, I found a cute mini 4 inches by 6 inches flip book that I purchased back in 2015. At that time, I brought Simple Stories end of the year mystery box. So I got a lot of different items for scrapbooking. This flip book is no longer available but you can shop their most recent Say Cheese collection at their website. 

Anyways, I wanted to use this mini flip book that I found. I knew it would be perfect for our Disneyland trips that we took. I was able to scrap both of our trips (2015 and 2018) within this one album. I was able to do this using the Project Life app to help me plan out my pages. I’ll have another blog post about how I did this posted soon. 

What took me the most time was picking out my pictures and also planning my pages. Once I had an idea of how I wanted my pages too look, I was able to get everything in this mini album quickly. When it comes to scraping a physical scrapbook, I like to plan out my pages first. It’s just something that I’ve always done when I started to scrapbook.

Anyways, below is a video I made of our mini Disney flip book that you can watch. I also made some graphics for you all to look at too. Enjoy!