Our 2009 Family Album

 Take a look at our 2009 family album
I’m still catching up on our family albums and I’m not nearly caught up. I’m still working on year 2013 and plan to have that album completed this weekend. I’m telling you the app Project Life has been a life saver when catching up on years of scrapping. If you haven’t tried it out, do so now!

I’m also scrapping any photos I take in 2022 the week or weekend that I take them. That way I can be somewhat caught up and not so far behind. I may start scrapping more than one year at a time instead of just working on one year. I’ll see how that goes and let you know. I’m not going to promise that will happen but I plan to give it a try. 

In the mean time, here is a look at our 2009 family album and a few of my favorite pages from that year.