Organizing Printed Photos


Let’s talk about organizing those printed pictures. I know it can be overwhelming when trying to redo old albums that are falling apart. I hear you, because I was there a few years back. That’s why I haven’t been wanting to redo any of my old childhood albums until now. The key for me to organizing my pictures and to take time to go through EVERYTHING. It does take time but I promise, it will make redoing those old albums much easier. Let’s jump right into how I was able to organize my childhood memories.

1. Get you something to help you organize those pictures. 

I use a photo case or box storage. I believe I got it from Micheals or Joanns. I can’t remember which one but you can also get one from Amazon. They are prefect for 4 inch by 6 inch photos or smaller. I was able to get just about all of my childhood pictures into two of these. You can also get a small box or any storage container for your photos.

2. Start organizing your photos by year and then by month. 

I cut up pieces of paper and add the years to the 4x6 boxes or you can use sticky notes. Then I add the piece of paper with the year on it in the front of my 4x6 inch box. Then I would organize the photos by month and add it to the box. I’m not to worried about them being in order by month as I am by year.

3. Use a profolio for bigger images.

If I have images that are bigger than 4x6 inches, I use a profolio or a 12x12 inch scrapbook bin. The 12x12 scrapbook bin is also great for scrapbook paper and any 12x12 inch pocket pages.

And that’s how I organize all my childhood memories. It looks easy and it can be but you have to make the time to do it. The storage bins I have make it really easy to redo my albums. I can easily grab the year I want to work with since I have them in their own 4x6 inch box. Some years have 2 or 3 boxes which is okay because I can just grab those boxes and work with those pictures. This is the system that works for me and hopefully it will work for you too. 

Also what’s great about the photo box I do have, they keep all your memories safe. Back at the year of 2017, we had a house fire and all of husbands and my’s childhood memories where safe. They didn’t smoke or water damage which is a huge blessing. 

Organizing Printed Photos