Organizing Digital Photos


These days everyone has a smart phone where they can have a camera right in their pockets. I know for me, I use my phone’s camera to take pictures daily. It’s the quickest and easiest way to snap those memories you want to remember. By doing this, I end up with countless pictures that I have to go through. In this blog post, I will explain how I organize all of my digital photos so it will be easy for me to get to them. Let’s jump right to it.

1. Go through your pictures on your phone.

At the end of the day, go through all the pictures you’ve taken that day. You would want to delete any pictures that are blurry. Grad rid of the pictures you don’t want or have multiples of. Always keep about three of the same picture if you have more than one of them. 

2. Back up your pictures on your phone.

I like to use cloud drives. I feel like they are more reliable than hard drives and much easier to back up my pictures on my phone. I use DropBox, but you can use any type of cloud storage you like. I’m able to have DropBox’s app on my phone and iPad, along with having it on my computer. I store everything on my Dropbox and I do pay for the extra storage. I’ve been having it ever since it first came out and it’s ben amazing ever since. 

3. Organize your digital photos.

I organize my digital pictures that same as I organize my printed pictures. I create a folder that is named ‘pictures’ and within the folder are more folders that is by year. Each year has it’s own folder and within each year folder, I have folders for each month of that year. Within the months folders, I create folders for the events we attend and the things we’ve done that month with the date. 

4. Upload your pictures to your cloud storage.

Once you got all your folders created, it’s time you upload your pictures to your cloud storage. By keeping your digital photos organized, it will be easy to scrap them digitally or locate them. You will also have all your pictures backed up just incase something happens to your phone.

How to Organize Digital Photos