What I Include in School Albums

A while back, I posted a video on Instagram and TikTok explaining what I include in my oldest son’s school album and I thought I should make a blog post about it as well. 

At one point I did keep everything my son brought home from school but it never got put away. All those papers was added to a bin full of other papers. I needed to limit what I kept and to organize it all. My organization is very simple and something that works for me. It’s also something that would be easy to move around and not get all messed up. 

I used ziplock bags to organize my son’s school work and art work. I would put everything I wanted to keep into the ziplock bag and labeled it with the school year. It’s the most affordable storage I could find and it was easy to just grab the bag I needed to scrapbook. I was also able to keep that ziplock bag in his album until I was ready to scan it and then scrapbook it. 

Like I stated before, I downsized everything that I kept. I only kept a few school work and a few art work that I wanted to keep or that he did really well on. I do keep all of his awards that he has and will receive to include into his book. For all the paper items that I add into his school album, I use page protectors for normal US letter paper (8.5 in by 11 in). I’m able to get 100 or more of them at a reasonable price. 

Now for the pictures and actual scrapbooking, I only do a few pages for each school year. Every school year I will do pages for first day of school, school picture, class picture, and award ceremony. If I attended a school field trip or the schools field day, then I would add the pictures I have from those events into his book. Again, I don’t include everything and I try to make it as simple as I can. 

Below is a video showing what I add into his school albums along with some images showing you how I scrapbooking his school pictures.