2012 Family Album

Life has been super busy for us and it’s going to get even busier because summer is right around the corner. I was able to get our 2012 and 2013 family albums completed and started working on our 2014 album. I’m also caught up on our 2022 album. I wanted to get caught up on our 2022 album before our trip we plan to take the second week of June. And if I have time to scrapbook while on our trip, I’ll be able to complete our 2014 album. I’m not going to make an promises to complete our 2014 album but I hope to try too. Anyways, heres a look at our 2012 album and a few of my favorite pages.

I will be back to show you all what I made for my tiered tray. I will have lots of tutorials on how to make your own decor for your tiered tray if you have one. It’s one of my favorite things to do now since I got a tiered tray. I’ll also have a blog post on why I brought one and decided not to use the one I made. So keep a look out for those blog posts coming soon.