DIY Valentines Mugs | Rae Dunn Inspired

Last month I made some Rae Dunn inspired Valentines Mugs for my tried tray. I wrote out the words on my iPad in Procreate and used Silhouette Studio to cut out my words. I wanted to share with you all how I did this. 

You can also download the words I wrote below to use within your cutting machine programs. It’s a PNG file, so they will have a transparent background so you can turn it into a cut file. I’ll also show you how you can do this in Silhouette Studio.


What you'll need

1. Plan coffee mugs. This cam be any color you want to use. I used white coffee mugs and got them from Dollar Tree. 

2. Adhesive Vinyl and transfer tape. You can use any color of vinyl you would like. I use black and got my vinyl from Speedy Vinyl but you can get adhesive vinyl from any craft store.

3. Weeding tools and something to cut the vinyl in stripes.

4. A cutting machine. I have a Silhouette Cameo 3.


How to use my PNG files

You would want to download the files I created here or click on the download photo below.
1. Open up the PNG files in your Silhouette Studio program. You would want to change the mate settings to 12 in by 12 in.
2. Drag your PNG files into your mate and resize them to have a width of 3 inches.
3.Click on the drawing tool on the left hand side. This will be the tool button 4th from the top or look like a box. You would want to click on this tool and select the rectangle.
4. Draw a box around each word. This will cut a box around your words so it will be easier for you to weeding the vinyl. 
5. Click on send at the right top of your program and change your settings to what I have below.
Vinyl, Gloss
Blade Depth: 2
all other settings can stay the same
6. Add you vinyl to your cutting mate and feed your mate through your machine. Go back to your program and click send all the way at the bottom. This will send your cut file to your machine to be cut.

 Once your machine is done cutting your files, weed the vinyl and use your transfer tape to pick up your words. Then you can apply your vinyl to your coffee mugs. Below is a quick video of my process.
If you have any questions about this, please leave them below. I'll be more than happy to help you.